An 11 letter dirty word.


Zero waste has been playing on my mind all week. Why? How? Who? Etc… And I’ve realised, we need to talk about the ‘c’ word…

No, no! It’s not what you think!

The word is… convenience.

If sustainability was a superhero, convenience would be it’s arch nemesis. They would constantly clash. Convenience is (one of) the main roots of all evil and it’s convenience we need to rectify if sustainability is going to save the world.

Yes, it’s possible to be sustainably convenient - but it takes a little extra thought. Which, to some, kind of defeats the purpose - right?

Think of all the ways convenience contributes to our landfill, to waste… fast food, plastic wrappers, air tight plastic containers, single use items, plastic water bottles… and it’s not even just the wrapping that worries me! So much of the contents within the wrapping is sourced from unsustainable and often unkind resources. Paging the meat industry!

So, next time you are faced with the great battle of sustainability vs. convenience - which side will you choose?