So, I know I said I was going to shut up about food for a while in my last post. And I am. Drafts are already awaiting revision! I have one on the politics of plastic-free, another on sustainable fashion, and another on DIY household product recipes. Which would you like to read first?

In the meantime, just one more about food, okay?

Initially, I expressed my sense of defeat in the face of bread products, like buns and tortillas. But the champion in me fixated on a solution. For that next week, I’d just make my own damn tortillas. This is not something I’ve ever done before. I don’t scratch bake. I don’t really bake at all, certainly not basics like bread. But I found this tortilla recipe from an apparently awesome fellow plastic-free adventurer that seemed simple enough, and that made a batch big enough to inspire a week’s worth of recipes, beginning with FAJITAS. Though I eat Mexican-inspired dishes at home and on-the-go like, constantly, I’ve never made fajitas at home.

Here’s what my experience looked like, from the lumpy log (will smooth it out better next time, if there is a next time) to the cute little dough balls. And give me a break about the plastic mixing bowl - I may be on Day Two of Plastic-Free August now, but it was still July when I snapped these pics:

And here I am rolling it out with a mason jar (who has a rolling pin in 2015?!):

And here – the finished product cooling on the rack:

I was exhausted at this point. I was resentful of these tortillas for overshadowing my entire Sunday. But there was a deep satisfaction in feeling the warmth rising from the cooling rack, and seeing the brown spots signaling victory, or at least completion. As harrowing as the experience was, it was a whole lot easier than finishing a story, yet ended with a similar note of triumph.

Here they are topped with peppers and onions, refried beans, avocado, and salsa:

You may be wondering: were they delicious? Oh, yes. A bit thicker than store-bought, and they tasted homemade. Maybe scratch cooking isn’t so difficult. Maybe it will get easier (and quicker?) as I practice.

That said, I’m now headed to Whole Foods to ask if they’ll just hand me some bread from the bakery. :/