designs that waste nothing (IMA talk)

i have an idea


The Indianapolis Museum of Art - the place I fantasize about escaping to any time I have a bad day - published the video below a few years ago, but I just discovered it from The Minimalist Ninja.

The talk is very encouraging because it identifies creators who are as devoted to their fields as they are to sustainability; both speakers value quality, which is so refreshing and contemporary. To hear, for example, fashion designer Timo Rissanen talk about the need for beauty gives me hope. We can, I think, borrow the tricks of pre-Industrial homesteaders, but we can also maintain our modernity and thirst for innovation.

And it's so cool to see what People for Urban Progress, led by Michael Bricker, is up to. A few years ago, I purchased a postcard of the artwork pictured above, merely because I loved its message and found it so relevant to the writing process; it hangs in my office and my students often stop to read it. Little did I know it was so close to my heart in so many ways! (And how cloistered I feel to realize that I don't have to travel to another continent to find like-minded people!)

So, I hope you enjoy.

*I know. "Higher."

Fashion and commerce are often dismissed for their frivolity; do you think fashion and design are the enemies of sustainability? I'd love to hear what you think!