going zero waste at a vegan festival

I'm not truly "zero waste." I'm not truly "vegan." But I bend toward those phrases, arching like a flower finding the sun.

I could have waited to bring you along on my journey. I could have settled everything, found most of the answers, and showcased what a nonplussed sustainable lifestyle looks like. But I like plussed. I like complexity. So, I invite you into the crooks of all my question marks as I figure this stuff out.

Recently, I invited you along to the First Annual Bluegrass VegFest at Apocalypse Brew Works in Louisville, KY. I’m so lucky to have all these options in my city, and am eternally grateful to V-Grits for hosting. I did what I could - in that moment, on that day - to reduce and document my waste. Watch my struggle here:

***Have you tried reducing your waste at a festival? Did you fare better or worse than I did?

Also: please comment below if you have suggestions on composting a Dixie cup, or on being brave enough to ask for alternatives to plastic packaging. 😉