how-to guides for going plastic-free and zero waste

The second installment of "Zero Waste Resources" is up, and embedded below.

It's a weird time to join the Zero Waste "community" (more on that problematic term later). On the one hand, the tracks have been laid. We have pioneers who have tread before us to bring a modern and urgent update to the old "waste not, want not" proverb. I talk about two guides that do that just that in this video: Beth Terry and Amy Korst.

On the other hand, while those crusaders have led the way for a small global community, I'd hardly say it's hit mainstream. There are, to those of us "in" the community, already cliches about how to reduce your waste. It's kind of branded, and a little too exclusive. If my audience is already turned on to zero waste practices, I'd rather find those gray areas to engage them. But if my audience is just starting out on this journey, I'll begin with the basics.

So, tell me: who are you? Are you well-versed in ZW? Are you new to the term? Do you think there's not a chance you'd ever incorporate it into your life?