when going plastic-free is uncomfortable

I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Reuse Summit in my beloved Louisville on Friday. The symposium was well-organized, the attendees were welcoming, and the speakers were the kind of public servants one aspires to be. Focusing on "reuse" as an isolated component of sustainability was refreshing, and I really enjoyed being in "student mode," taking notes and asking questions.

The summit focused on governmental approaches to environmentalism, but their emphasis on partnership (it was provided, after all, by the Partnership for a Green City) is equally applicable to a civilian life. Sustainable practices like re-use are made much simpler, for example, when one participates in the community through patronizing libraries, ride share programs, tool banks, etc.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my first vlog, where I share my thoughts about the intersection (and often conflict) between grand societal steps and tiny citizen steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Do you reuse items, or rely on recycling and donating? Would you like to hear more about what I learned at the Reuse Summit?