grocery “haulternative”

Hauls. Eew.

The concept is to show off what one buys, and the general public recoils at the ugly thought. Despite this criticism, however, haul videos are quite popular on YouTube, a place that is quickly becoming like a second home to me. The rise of the "haulternative" - a video in the same style as these rambling lists of possessions, but presumably without participation in the same cycle - is heartening to me. I'm noticing more and more "vloggers" showing off how minimal they could be, and how they acquired their possessions secondhand. The system they subvert is the one that resulted in the deaths of over a thousand people in 2013 at a Bangladesh complex cranking out "fast fashion"; thus, the Fashion Revolution was born. Later, I'll be posting more about the fashion side of going zero waste.

Today, I want to talk about a type of haul video that I'm more inclined to support, and I even think of my version of it as a "haulternative." We all have to eat! Groceries are a necessity. And while location and income bracket certainly have a huge impact on the type and quantity of food we can buy, we can at least agree that purchasing food can be a part of a healthy rather than gluttonous lifestyle. So, in short, they're fun! In my latest video, I'm showing you how I fared in a recent grocery shopping trip where I tried to stock up on vegan, zero waste food.