road trippin’ baggage 

it is 6:30am in our fanciest hotel and I just woke everyone up answering the door for room service coffee. luxury often comes with a side of guilt.
preparing for my first big trip since going "zero waste" took a different kind of brain power. it meant anticipating the challenges in at least six different cities, with different weather, lodging and dining. i have shared my experience packing clothes (video below), but i haven't indulged my struggles with other essentials.

i learned.

i lugged along a giant burlap bag filled with more reusable shopping bags, produce bags, and, most notably, glass jars and containers. it was heavy.

every time we packed the trunk - SEVEN TIMES - we had to Tetris our suitcases and then shove the glass-filled, burlap bag onto the heap. I never once used ANYTHING in that bag. in fact, along the way, I shed other containers I had packed in my backpack and added them to that stash. it got heavier.

in my defense, the bags and containers were for a huge shopping trip i had planned to the first zero waste market in the U.S. i wasn't just preparing for vacation; i was preparing for a huge grocery haul. (turns out, the zero market in denver was just an abandoned building destined for bulldozing. the market relocated, but won't open again until the end of july, to the best of my understanding. my attempts to contact the owners haven't yielded any response as yet.)

what *did* get use? a single cloth napkin. a travel coffee cup. my mason jar, a billion times over. it was vacation, and I relished every morsel at every stop, from black bean burgers and ALL THE FRIES to vegan s'mores, but, had I ever needed a container for leftovers, one would have been plenty.

next time, I'll know that there's no reason I can't travel light. zero waste really is about less. it's about saying no. my baggage was my own.