inspiration from the rockies

I auditioned for an improv troupe once. It didn’t go well. Normally, I like scripted lines. I like the opportunity to revise.

Even so, I’m sharing a very spontaneous message in my latest vlog. I’m letting you see me get all sappy and passionate about ol’ mother earth in a short video I’m calling “inspiration from the rockies.” The courage to let this out – and to do it so imperfectly - is most likely brought to you by Brene Brown, whose books have encouraged me to loosen up a little. (I’m sure I’ll be mentioning those books again in an upcoming series about burnout recovery, but, for now, suffice it to say: her words are a salve for the disease of perfectionism.)

But could you do me a favor in return? Would you go to your trash can and tell me one item that’s in there?

Or, if that feels too invasive, there’s a much simpler question – multiple choice even! – at the end of the video, and I’d greatly appreciate your response there, too.

Either way, I’m so glad to be welcoming more of you into my story every day. I hope this space feels comfy; go ahead and pull up a bean bag. Tomorrow, we start prepping for Plastic Free July!

love love love,

the darling m.