day one: plastic free july / byob

morning, darlings, and happy july!

today is the first day of our participation in plastic free july. if you're not signed up yet, make sure to set your intention at


to start, let's refuse the plastic water bottle, and even the plastic-lined paper cup, using BYOB: bring your own bottle. my go-to bottle is a mason jar; you've seen me use it for water on the go, and even for things like lemonade and tea. sometimes, i use a stainless steel coffee mug, too. every time you remember to use your own bottle, you send a message that you refuse SUPs - single-use plastic that serve us for a brief moment only to live forever emitting greenhouse gases and clogging the oceans. it is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 

speaking of the ocean, that's where i've been lucky to be this week: in santa rosa beach, florida for an annual family reunion. much like my recent visit to rocky mountain national park, this trip connects me to nature in a way that makes the plastic-free lifestyle seem so obvious and accessible. i've even seen the remnants of some of our world's excessive trash washed up on the shore - tiny plastic pieces of lids, unrecognizable shards; these pieces are increasingly found in the stomachs of marine life, from the smallest plankton to the largest whales. it makes me think twice before grabbing a granola bar at the gas station.

join me? i'd love to see what method you're using for BYOB!

if you have any questions or concerns about trying plastic free this month, i'd love to know all about your hesitations and your challenges.

love love love,

the darling m.