making a plan for the first full week of PFJ

to all my darlings: Happy Plastic Free July! to my U.S. members, Happy 4th of July as well!

now that we're a few days into the month, it might be a good time to strengthen our goals and make a plan for the week. as with developing most positive habits, being prepared is key. with any luck, you might be enjoying a holiday today, but will be back to the grind tomorrow.

so let's make a plan: what are you taking for lunch this week? got dinner plans? how about staying caffeinated and hydrated on the go without resorting to a "disposable" take-out cup? before bed tonight, take a moment to decide how you'll avoid plastic once you get busy.

i'm actually spending most of the day today on such plans. as you know, i've been a road warrior the last two and a half weeks, and now i'm all tripped out! i was so lucky to get back-to-back vacations, see new places, and spend quality time with friends and family, but now it's time to find my trusty routines again. i'm looking forward to walks on the greenway with the pup, bookending my days with reading & writing, and developing material for my classes and my YouTube channel.

speaking of which, I'll have a new video up this afternoon as I do every Monday, but there will also be a bonus coming up to celebrate some exciting news, so stay tuned for that! in the meantime, I thought I'd direct you to my video about two FANTASTIC guides to living plastic-free if you're needing more inspiration and ideas for your PFJ journey.

love love love,

the darling m.



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